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And the projects begin…

December 6, 2009

We had owned our house for less than 45 minutes by the time baseboards were masked, drop clothes were dropped, and face plates were removed that we could begin the daunting task of painting.  While the house had been painted recently, the entire house (every bedroom, bathroom,  closet, nook, cranny, and crevice) had been painted the same shade of mocha.  While it was a fine color, it wasn’t fine when it covered every wall in the house.  Plus—paint is one of the quickest ways to make a place your own.

The first week that we were homeowners was not the “bliss” that many imagine, but rather endless nights of painting, during which we never left to go back to the rental before midnight.  Seven days straight of that process and I had taken to calling my beloved husband a slave driver—so seriously so in fact, that at one point, I laid down on the floor in our house and mimicked Moses as I cried out, “Let my people go!”

In any event, we received the keys on Friday, and by Saturday evening, the Guest Bedroom and my Craft Room were both painted.

Tip: The sticky carpet protectant that many people use when they are moving into their homes actually made for a great make shift drop cloth when coupled with the painters tape.  While we didn’t discover this trick until we painted the craft room, it saved us valuable time.  No more moving drop cloths when you step on them, or rearranging drop cloths when you move a ladder.  We applied these around the edges, and they dropped a drop cloth in the center.

Another time saving tip? Skip the blue painters tape and get the real stuff.  As Chris said, “Well—the blue tape lives up to the advertising.  They say it won’t stick to stuff—and it doesn’t!  Not even to the baseboards for long enough that we can paint them.”  By the time we painted my craft room, we had moved on to the “real” stuff, and were much more pleased with the crisp lines around the baseboards.

Because everyone enjoys a good before and after—take a look:

Guest Bedroom Before:

Guest Bedroom After:

Pictures of the pink room to follow!


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