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Trial By Fire-Part 1

December 9, 2009

When we purchased the house, there were four bedrooms.  We knew that our furniture wouldn’t fit in the existing master bedroom, and since all the bedrooms are laid out in a row, we decided that tearing out the existing wall between bedroom 4 and the master would make for a sweet master suite!

While we’ve sworn that we will be true “DIY”-ers (Do-It-Yourself), tearing out a wall had me paralyzed.  When Chris was ready to swing the hammer the first time and stopped, I mean the second time, I mean the third time,–yes, by the time I had finally committed, he had swung and stopped without hitting the wall at least three times.  Finally, I committed, and the demolition ensued.

Tip: Make sure that walls are not load bearing and do not have electrical wire running through them.  Because the previous owners had added this wall, and because our house originally didn’t even have a wall between these two rooms, we knew we were safe to rip away.  Because the wall had been “added back in” to our house, we could actually still see the remnants of the archway that we were going to (attempt) to recreate ourselves.

We vacuumed along the way to keep the work area fairly clean.

Step 1: Tear out wall using hammers.  If we were to do this over again, we would A) not take pictures while there was so much dust in the area because it ended up permanently trapped in the camera’s lens, and B) wear protective eye wear.

Step 2: Use Sawz-All to remove remaining studs. (See the tip of it peeking through the wall from the other side?).

Step 3: Use corner mold (trimmed every 1.5 inches to allow for curvature) around the new arch way.  Make sure to screw this in; do not nail. [Note that you can also buy pre-trimmed corner mold—we just didn’t see it the first time we were at the store].

Total project time was about 4 days because of all the drying time that was required.

Sunday involved a variety of other tasks including painting the outside fence white (nobody dreams of a pink fence!), reinstalling face plates, and replacing a thermostat.  Our good friend Brian came over to see how it’s done to help us paint and lend his “pro” skills for thermostat replacement.  Thank goodness the obnoxious noise was finally gone!!!

Outside Fence Before:

And when we were almost done:

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