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Trial by Fire- Parts 2, 3 and more!

December 20, 2009

We were back to the reality that the archway needed to be completed.  Fortunately for me, my handsome husband knows how to do these things.  Seriously—some people are innately handy, and my husband is one of them.

Step 4: Use drywall spackle to fill in over the corner mold, and to smooth all areas of the arch; this takes patience.  You may have to go over some areas several times.  Make sure to buy the “quality stuff.”  We ran out of the quality stuff, bought some cheap stuff, and paid the price when it added a day on to our project.  The less expensive stuff ended up cracking, which meant we had to re-fill later.

Step 5: After the drywall spackle has completely dried (24 hours for us—largely because we were now working on the house only after work in the evenings), begin sanding to smooth out the texture.

Tip: Make sure to wear protective eye-wear and facemasks.  Nerdy? Perhaps…but the warning on the drywall spackle that it could cause cancer if it was inhaled was enough for us to don the protective gear before getting to work. [I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of us in this gear!!!]

Step 6:  Spackle again to gain optimum smoothness.  This time we used a quick drying spackle that went on pink, and turned white when it was dry.  Genius!

Step 7: After it has completely dried, sand again.

Step 8: Texture!!!  We bought several cans of knock-down texture and this was a messy, smelly, disgusting job.  When spraying knock-down texture on the walls, it’s not too bad, but spraying it while upside down is a feat.  Once the spray texture is on, wait approximately 2-3 minutes to allow it to “set.”  Then, we used a wet spackle spreader to “knock-down” the texture to make the look uniform. [Make sure to dip it in water frequently so that you don’t lose all the texture].

Step 9: Let the texture dry—we still had to sand some areas of the texture where air bubbles had taken root so that it would look good once painted.

Next up? Paint…

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