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Safety First

December 21, 2009

Two keys?  Really?  There were only two keys ever made to this house, and they were always kept in the lockbox during escrow?  The realtor never had a copy on her key ring?  Somehow, Chris and I both found this a bit difficult to believe.  Nonetheless, when we got the “keys” to our new home, we received exactly two keys-the two that had been in the lockbox on the house during its time on the market.  Perhaps there really only were two keys, but I wasn’t about to risk it.  After all, “safety first,” right?  This is the biggest investment that I’ve ever made, and I’m going to protect it!

Based on a great tip from a friend, we discovered that changing out the locks on the new house might now be as much of a money saver as we had hoped.  With that in mind, we refocused our “safety first” project to include new front door hardware.

After a very generous gift-card from my big sis, we decided that now was the time to splurge on the new front door hardware.  After much debate (lever? doorknob?) and a couple more discussions (brushed nickel? oil rubbed bronze?) we finally make our decision and headed to the local Home Depot to pick it up.

Chris was responsible for the installation, but it was as easy as unscrewing some hardware and replacing it with the new one.


And after:

The peace of mind alone, not to mention the dramatically updated look, made it well worth it.

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