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Master Bathroom Update

December 28, 2009

You might remember what the master bathroom looked like before:

This was another serious case of too many towel bars.  I’m not exaggerating (too much) when I say that there might very well have been 17 towel bars in the master bathroom.  Considering that the master bath is about 3 ft x 3 ft, that’s an accomplishment in and of itself.  But seriously, just from looking at the picture above, you can see one above the toilet, along with a reflection of one in the mirror from the opposite wall.  Notice how they match? (Sarcasm implied!).  And just imagine how many were behind the door!

In an effort to bring our master bathroom up to date, we removed the towel bars and the old mirror (which also involved removing hundreds of wall anchors).  Once the wall anchors were removed, large gaping holes were left in the bathroom, on top of which we noticed that an entire section of the wall had no texture.

Bring on knockdown texture part 3 (part 1 was in the guest bath for wall anchor holes, part two was on the archway in the master suite).  I felt that I had truly perfected my knock down texture capabilities by this point.

Tip: When using the texture, make sure to let it sit for several minutes on the wall to dry, prior to running a wet putty knife (or other similar tool) over the texture.  If it hasn’t dried long enough, you will end up losing all the texture that you just sprayed on.

And finally, after the texture had dried, we added a fresh coat of gray paint.  Next up?  A mirror!

And, though the master bath now looks dramatically better than it did when we moved in, we can’t wait for the opportunity to really update it come spring.  At that point, we’re hoping for some more wall demolition, closing a doorway to the master bedroom (there are currently two entrances), and adding a vanity.  Of course…you know what they say–“want” in one hand, and spit in the other, and see which fills up first.  We’re really “wanting” that master bath upgrade, but for now, I’m learning the much desired skill (desired by my husband that is) of putting away all my hair products every morning when I use them.  So far so good–but we’ll see how long I can keep up!

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