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Counting Our Blessings

January 1, 2010

We’re feeling so incredibly blessed as we start the New Year.  HELLO 2010!  Among the blessings that we are counting is the brand-spanking new (to us) house that we moved into.

And, as a tribute to the number of blessings that we have, a post about numbers themselves.

When we moved into the house, our house numbers looked like this:

And while I suppose living in “Mission Viejo” means that we should be accustomed to all things Spanish, somehow we just felt that the ceramic floral numbers that are very reminiscent of Spain (or Mexico, you choose!) didn’t quite go with the vibe we were trying to achieve for our house.

Enter Chris’ mom.  We were just “checking” the local store, “The Great Indoors” while she was in town and we fell in love with some fantastic new house numbers.  While they weren’t nearly as pricey as some of the other options that we’d seen at Home Depot and Lowe’s, we were much more focused on all the other upcoming projects that would require several pretty pennies in order to complete and figured we could hold off on the house numbers for the time being.  When Chris’ mom offered to purchase the house numbers for us, he hesitated approximately one nanosecond before saying, “Okay!”

They were remarkably easy to put together, with pre-drilled holes to insert the numbers into.  We just had to determine which holes to use based on how many numbers our house had.

We love the sophistication that the new numbers add to our house!

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