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Relationship Salvation

January 21, 2010

When we bought this device, I knew that our relationship was saved.  Okay, perhaps that’s a little incredibly dramatic since our relationship was never in trouble in the first place.  But, the reality remains that this new little device has saved many a fight in the new house.  You know the fight, right?  “Honey, will you hang up this picture?”  “Sure!”  [Insert image of husband wacking a nail randomly into the wall, and then a second nail also hammered randomly, then him hanging a picture on the wall.  Imagine also, a picture hanging horribly cockeyed on the wall.  Now, imagine a wife looking very frustrated and perhaps, though she would never admit it, screaming manically about said crooked picture].  If you imagined those things, then you’ve had a little glimpse into our life and the way that we used to hang pictures, curtains, and just about everything else. Seriously, when we moved from the rental, there was one picture that must have had about ten holes behind it as we (read: he) wacked aimlessly with a hammer and a nail.

Enter the Black & Decker Laser Level.  When we moved, I suggested the little device as a possible solution to our picture hanging woes.  We went to the local hardware store, and picked this one up for twelve bucks. We eyed the more expensive ones, but weren’t sure that we really needed all additional fancy features—we didn’t.

1)      Figure out how high you want the picture/curtain rod/item to be.

2)      Make a mark for one side.  Measure how far apart the picture hooks are.

3)      Push the pin (on the back of the laser level) into the mark that you created.

4)      Turn on the laser.  Adjust the device until the water bubble is centered, showing you that it is level.

5)      Measure the distance to the other hook and make a mark.

6)      Hammer a nail in the to pin hole, and another one into the second mark.

7)      Hang your picture!

We seriously couldn’t believe how easy it was, and we are so glad that we made the investment.  So far, four sets of curtains and one picture have been hung (straight!) successfully.

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  1. Mom permalink
    January 22, 2010 12:07 pm

    Now you need to convince your Dad of the merits of this device. He has one! It stayed in the box for over 3 years, then was finally taken out to put up walls in the basement – but it was “too much trouble” to use to put up the shelf in the bathroom!

  2. January 25, 2010 1:11 pm

    How funny! It’s the opposite at our house. David is overly meticulous about getting things straight. He would measure from the floor and from the ceiling to make sure things like curtain rods were straight. The problem with doing things that way is that the walls and floor are not straight. (This was before we got a laser level.) This caused him so much stress that I forbid him to hang anything else. But once we got the laser level he used it to put in crown molding in an upstairs bedroom. So now we have straight crown molding in a room with a crooked window 🙂

    • January 26, 2010 7:07 pm

      Oh, Wendy! I can just see David doing that. I have to admit that we tried the “measuring from the ceiling method” once too. We tried to make ourselves feel better by pretending that the curtains were sewed “crooked” (after all, they were from Wal-Mart!). Haha. Good tip on the crown molding–that is definitely one project we plan to tackle in the coming year!

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