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The Heart of the Home

January 26, 2010

Before, the family room was fairly sterile and cold.  No matter how beautiful tile is, it has a way of doing that to a room.  When we first saw the space, we knew that this room would become the heart of our home.

Remember what it looked like before?

I am so happy that the family room is officially “put together” enough for me to post some pictures for all to see.  Some of my favorite features?

  1. The console table under the windows.  I just adore the way that it fits so perfectly–like we bought it to go there.  Reality?  We originally purchased it for the entry way in the rental home.
  2. The area rug.  Chris and I had always talked about wanting an area rug, but struggled with finding the right colors, the right size, the right price, and the right design.  Oh, and the need for it.  Since the rental was covered (in albeit nasty) carpet, we couldn’t really justify the rug.  We hadn’t even completed the inspection on this house by the time we purchased this beautiful area rug.  You wouldn’t even believe the deal I got if I told you, so I won’t.
  3. The bookshelves.  You saw us assemble them, now witness them in all their glory.  And so full already!!
  4. The orange and brown damask pillows.  We fell in love with these at Restoration Hardware, and have had them for over three years now.

Without further ado:

Are there more projects?  Of course.  Most obviously, the green chair.  It is possibly the most comfortable chair we have sat in throughout the course of our lives.  Seriously.  The color might leave a little bit to be desired in this day and age.  I’m hoping to learn upholstery in order to make it match the room.  If not, we may just be living with a comfy green chair.  And the second project involves eliminating what I call the “picture plop syndrome” that has affected me so dramatically.  I have literally framed pictures and plopped them about the the room.  My hope is to create an organized picture wall that is cohesive and still allows me to display my favorite pictures.

You’ll have to keep checking back–because those are just two projects on a list that is already at least four or five projects long for this room alone.

What about you?  Do you have a room that has some favorite items that you are so glad you purchased?  Or an eyesore like the green chair that you love to hate?  I’d love to hear about it!


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