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Practical Problems- “Walking Furniture”

February 5, 2010

I’m always thrilled when I feel like I have a solution for a friend or family member.  Enter a reason for a new category of posts: Practical Problems.  While not everybody may be quite as passionate about the “DIY” approach as I am, I feel like there are some (albeit rare) instances where I can lend my experience to a situation that we’ve already addressed in our home.  So, in that vein, this category of practical problems will be dedicated to design issues that arise, or “real world” quandaries that everyone faces, that I think I just might be able to suggest a solution for.

One of our family members submitted the following comment in response to one of our posts:

“I just bought a bed frame…of course it was quite a surprise when I woke up the first morning after sleeping on the new bed to it being in the middle of the room. Apparently wheels (even when locked) and hardwood aren’t a pretty combination.”

About a week later, I was visiting a friend and noticed that they too were having the same problem.  If you have tile or hardwood floors, chances are you have likely experienced the same problem.

When we first moved into our new home, we were more than a little frustrated to be constantly moving the couches.  It seemed as though they had practically grown legs (okay, so they had legs when we bought them), and had taken to going for short jaunts around the family room.  Seriously though, every time we sat on the couches, they literally slid across the tile floors.  What to do?

Enter rubber furniture grips.  Talk about a super cheap and super easy solution!  Many people are probably familiar with the felt pads that you add to dining room chairs or bar stool legs to prevent them from scratching a floor and to allow them to slide easily.  Rubber furniture grips are located in the same area of your local home improvement warehouse, and are just as inexpensive.  At about $2.00 for a pack of four, they come in both the round and square varieties, and also come in varying diameters and widths.  The side with the rim and the circular grips is placed against the furniture, and the ridged “grip” side with the lateral grips is placed against the floor.

See the two sides?

It’s so easy that I was able to pull it out to take some pictures for you, and then was able to put it back all by myself (if your furniture is heavy, I’d recommend a buddy for lifting—it just so happens that I’m so incredibly buff that I could handle it sans assistance).

Here’s the finished product so you can see how it works in action, and so that you can get a preview of how clean (ahem!) my floors are under the couches.

Hopefully, a good solution for a practical problem!  Do you have a “practical problem” that you need a little help with?  While I can’t promise that I work miracles, I’ll give your problem my best shot.

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