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Cold in Cali

February 12, 2010

It’s been pretty chilly here in California lately.  Needless to say, we’ve been running our heater quite a bit lately.  Chris and I decided that in order to make sure that the house was clean, we would replace the air filter in the furnace.

[Small side trip down memory lane:  I remember that as a child, my mom used to actually buy furnace filters for my elementary school for my asthma.  Thanks, Momma!]

We looked at Tony Stewart’s prior Home Improvement warehouse, but realized, as usual, that Hendrick Motorsports is always better (hooray Jimmy Johnson).  Long story short, Tony didn’t even offer the highest quality of air filter in our size.  It was special order only.  Knowing that my momma thought that furnace filters were so important, I knew I need the special one.  Jimmy to the rescue–not only do they carry it, but it was in stock!

I would like to humbly proudly point out that these pictures are of me installing the new filter.  (Granted that what you can’t see is Chris standing behind me talking me through the process while holding the camera).  But now I know how to do it, and will be able to do it independently next time.

1) Push back the metal brace that holds the filter in place.

2) Pull out the old filter.

3) Place the new filter in (there are ledges on the sides for the filter to sit on).

4) Put metal brace back in place.  Voila!

And again, lest you think I am a complete pro at these DIY projects around the house, I would like to let you know which step to skip.  I inserted a step between 3 and 4 which involved dropping the filter into the hole.  Chris made sure to capture the photo for posterity’s sake, so I figured I might as well share it. (My arm is all the way down in the hole fishing out the filter).

What about you?  Any projects around the house that you’ve completed lately but absolutely nobody knows about? I can identify…obviously!

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 13, 2010 5:01 am

    As an added FYI for all those DYI ers, using the brush attachment (or for larger chunks, use the nozzle alone) on your vacuum and vacuuming every spot you can see inside the furnace (the motor housing, the walls, that “hole”) will also help to have cleaner air and a better running furnace! Just be sure to keep the nozzle away from the pilot light.

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