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Just What the Doctor Ordered

April 4, 2010

With the extremely large patio covering out back, there was nearly NO sunshine to be found in our gorgeous backyard.  We decided that the best option was to remove the “after thought” of a patio cover that was built as an extension to the “planned” patio cover.

Here’s the before picture so that you have a good idea of what we were trying to get rid of:

So, we set to work.

First, we had to deconstruct the structure.  This involved several things, not least of which was my husband realizing how brilliant I was when I suggested we could cut our time on the project in half if we just ran to the Home Depot to get a crow bar.  But back to the real work.  To deconstruct, first we used the (newly purchased) crowbar to remove the flat roof.

After the flat roof, including the wood boards had been removed, we had to demolish the structure that was left supporting the roof.  If you know Chris by now, you know that this also involved a Sawz-all.

We cut the boards on the right hand side (above), and then removed the hardware and nails by hand.  Let’s just say, this was a very tedious process.  It was made even more so by the fact that we own one of each tool.  Seriously–why would you buy in duplicates?  Which means that only one of us could be doing something at once.  So, while Chris was sawz-alling the woods, I was removing the nails from the wood.

It may sound silly now, but wait until you see how we repurposed the wood in other places of the yard.  Plus, we have a small puppy, and we knew it would be awhile before it would be hauled to the dump (blech!), so we had to have it “puppy proofed.” (Read: Safe for him to pee on without getting caught on a nail).

Of course, there are other important tips and tricks that we can share.  Like how to work outside in 80 degree heat while enjoying a fresh beverage without getting dust in it.  Like this:

Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  To ensure your frosty beverage doesn’t get dust in it, I highly recommend covering the top with a water bottle cap. 😉

Back to the important stuff…at the end of day one, it looked like this:

So that meant that some repairs needed to be done.

Enter Project, Day 2:

We purchased a tube of white caulk to fill in the holes that the nails had left in the wood.  Using a putty knife, I was successful in getting them all filled in.

After two coats of fresh white paint, it was completed, and looked absolutely fantastic!

And now, at long last, there is light in the backyard.  I can’t believe how much of a difference it made–our backyard looks dramatically bigger.  This was another cheap project for us:

6-7 hours of labor

1 crowbar

1 hammer (okay, we did have to purchase a 2nd one–who only has one hammer?)

1 tube of white caulk

A reminder of what it looked like before (notice all the shade under the cover):

And the beautiful after:

And from another angle:

What do you think?  Isn’t the open air and added sunlight just what the doctor ordered?  And don’t we have such a better view of Bertha and Homer now that the extra covering isn’t obstructing our view?

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  1. April 5, 2010 9:20 pm

    Much better!

    When we purchased our house it also had a patio cover. After living here for a couple years we decided that we really didn’t need it. Our backyard gets morning sun and is mostly shaded in the afternoon. So there was really no need for the patio cover to begin with. After getting rid of it my family room and kitchen are SO much brighter! And our backyard feels much bigger too.

    I wish I had thought to take before and after photos. You are going to be so glad you have documented all your hard work.

  2. Mom permalink
    April 6, 2010 8:02 am

    Looking wonderful! What will you be doing next? I can hardly wait to see the story….

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