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Things We Never Told You…

May 30, 2010

So, in truth, there are always some projects that are so uninteresting that they never make it to a dedicated post.  Either that, or I run out of time and energy to share the details.

So, in case you are curious, check out our “Take a Tour Page.”  The most recent photos of a room are always posted there, even if there isn’t a dedicated post to them.

The last post about the guest bedroom told you that it was painted blue.  Quite frankly, we’ve had more guests stay in that guest bedroom that I can count since we moved in last December, and trust me, none of them have had to sleep on the floor.  So if you are curious what the room looks like now, check it out here.  I still hope to make a headboard someday…it shouldn’t be terribly pricey, but time is something I seem to have run out of lately.

Likewise, Chris and I haven’t been living with a master bathroom that is torn apart–even though that was our last udpate.  While it still isn’t our dream bathroom, it’s so much better than it was when we moved in.  To see how we updated it, head over here.

We’ve been enjoying what little time we have together by spending it hiking, visiting the beach, shopping, and researching for more projects around the house.

With Memorial Day on Monday, we anticipate even more projects this weekend, and we’ll keep you posted on how they go!

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