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Worse Than a Sore Thumb?

January 23, 2011

It was sticking out like a sore thumb—only kind of worse—because at least a sore thumb is the same shape and made of the same materials as the rest of the fingers on the hand.  And in our case, this was worse, yes, definitely worse, than a sore thumb.

I’m talking about our entertainment stand, a term that I use very loosely.  Remember those oh-so-fun college years where you covered sofas with sheets, hung curtains from 3M hooks, and used furniture made of cardboard?  For some of us, those years extended a little beyond college—at least when it came to cardboard furniture.  Yep—we had been living with this beauty of an entertainment stand and shelf since Chris graduated from college.

Of course, we were pretty proud of it then.  I think in all we spent about $50 between the box and the bookshelf, purchased at Target and Wal-Mart respectively.  We even upgraded the little box stand thing for the TV with the “optional silver feet” that made it look so decorative.  Bah!

In any event, as with most things, it was a matter of money.  While it didn’t really match the rest of the family room, we were waiting for the right price.  We’d seen several pieces that we liked at Cost Plus World Market, and when I received a 20% off coupon (good on sale items!), we moseyed into World Market, and found this amazing media stand already on sale.

We managed to nab the last one, and put it in the car to bring it home.  Of course, we didn’t go straight home as we had to swing by the Home Depot to pick up some new knobs to replace the “Asian décor” look that they had going on.  We assembled it that night, and for now, our TV sits on a towel so that it won’t scratch it.

Of course, we ran into one problem: those decorative doors don’t hide our media stuff very well.

I concluded that perhaps the best solution was to cover the doors with some fabric.

Below, you’ll find the quick down and dirty of how we did it.  We made sure to buy thin fabric that would still fully mask what was being hidden, but that would also still let the sound from our speakers get through.  We adhered the fabric using Velcro; though we had originally thought about using a staple gun, I figured velco would make it easy to change out the fabric should the décor in our family room change.

1)      We cut the fabric to the right size.

2)      We cut the Velcro and placed it on the cabinet doors themselves.  We stuck the two pieces together, rather than sticking one piece to the fabric first, so that we could be sure the pieces lined up.

3)      We placed the fabric on the back of the door, pressing it to the Velcro’s sticky back (facing out) to adhere.  No pictures of this step, as it took four hands, and since our puppy can only pose for pictures and hasn’t yet mastered taking them, we were left with no one to hold the camera a snap a shot for you!

Here’s the finished look!  I think it’s quite a transformation from the cardboard furniture we were using previously.  I love that we managed to hide everything in the cabinet for under $5.00, and that we can easily change out the fabric, or remove it entirely if we choose to go that route in the future.  What about you?  Any tricks for hiding things around your house?

* Media cabinet picture copyright of Cost Plus World Market.

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  1. Mom permalink
    January 24, 2011 7:00 am

    You have such good creativity and use it well. I love the new fix!

  2. January 28, 2011 3:06 am

    I LOVE it and I love how you were so creative with the doors!! Worked out sooo well!

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